Pakistan’s Untouchables: A Brief Overview of Caste in Pakistan

By Durkhanai This article serves as a very brief academic overview and summary of the narrative presented in “A Spiraling Staircase.” Like every country, there is clear distinction between rich and poor in Pakistan. These socioeconomic differences manifest in many different ways in Pakistan; the largest influencer of low socioeconomic status however, is definitely the…

A Spiraling Staircase: a narrative regarding caste in Pakistan

By Zainab Bhatti The ride to Sialkot, as a kid, appeared to be an endless journey. Cows littered the flat lands, peacefully grazing. Arduous workers bent over square rice fields. Herders shuffled their cattle along the edge of the path. Vibrant trucks decorated with art trekked by slowly, cars often speeding up to overtake them….