Durkhanai is a student currently studying Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies and Global Affairs, concentrating in International Development. She speaks over five languages, and is the founder of Futuwwa. She also the editor for the Central and South Asian regions. Her interests include Central and South Asian lost Islamic history, politics of the two regions, and social and ethnic identities in Central and South Asia. Durkhanai loves combining academics with storytelling to create a humanizing aspect of academia.

Syed Rabia Bukhari

Rabia is currently based in Indian-occupied Kashmir. She has completed her Master’s in English literature from New Delhi, India. She is currently a contributor for South Asia, specifically for the Kashmir Valley.

Zainab Bhatti

Zainab Bhatti is a contributor to Futuwwa’s South Asia concentration. She is a Pakistani-American. In addition to English, she can speak Urdu and German (and about three words in Russian). In her free time she enjoys writing, baking, reading, and watching TV shows.

Yıldız’ın Kızı

Yıldız’ın is Turkish-Bulgarian, and has been brought up by several diasporas. She’s tries hard not to be a misanthrope, loves winter suns, Yann Tiersen, cats, peppermint tea, lemon trees, and miniature paintings. She currently researches in Istanbul and will be studying legal academia. Yıldız’ın is the editor for the Caucasus region and is also a contributor for the Balkans.


Casho graduated from George Mason University with a dual Bachelors of Arts in Global Affairs and Foreign Languages. Her academic and professional areas of focus are international development, Middle East and North Africa studies, and Arabic. Casho comes from a Somali-American background and will be contributing pieces on East Africa, where she is also the editor.


Jetim is a Masters student at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, studying Middle East and Islamic Studies. Their research interests focus on the racialization of Islam and its relationship to Albanian Muslim immigrants in the West. More broadly, Jetim is interested in anything and everything Albanian. Jetim is the editor for the Balkans region.


Lamija is a Bosnian student at the University of Sarajevo, studying Automatic Control and Electronics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Her hobbies are reading, writing, scouting, and cooking. Lamija speaks Bosnian, English, and Arabic. She also volunteers at the Museum of Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide in Bosnia. Lamija is a contributor for the Balkans.


Meša is from Sarajevo in Bosnia & Herzegovina. He studies Pharmacy at the University of Sarajevo. Despite studying science, his soul is for art, books, movies, and the colors of chemistry he meets while studying.


Soultana is from Mauritania, a country in Northwestern Africa. She is currently majoring in English Studies. Soultana is a spontaneous introvert with a deep love of storytelling and cultures around the world.