Linguistic Diversity of Uzbekistan

By Iroda Nodir I don’t remember when exactly I started speaking Russian, but for 13 years it was the language I spoke best. I speak Uzbek, Russian, and English and I learned them in that order. After immigrating in 2008, English became my dominant language. It may be obvious by now – I am Uzbek,…

The Beat of Our Souls: an explanation of the dholki

By Durkhanai From the soulful melodies of the rubab to the somewhat electric rhythm of sitar to the throatal singing of nur sur, music is a part of the culture, deep in the blood of those who are South Asian. Each separate style of music is tied to a language, to a religion, to an…

Selam Ya Resulallah

By Lamija Welcome, our greatest son from the land of Arabia and of noble lineage. Welcome, our beloved nobleman from the House of Hashim and the noble tribe of Quraysh. The greatest man that has ever walked on this Earth was the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. He was born in the Arabian city…

Call for Interns

Futuwwa is looking for interns in the following areas: graphic design, social media, and writing support. This is an unpaid position for the time being, because Futuwwa is an initiative designed and run on a volunteer-basis. Interns would be required to work 5 hours a week, remotely. Apply if you are interested in a dynamic…

Friendship and Sense(lessness)

By Meša Bismilâhir-rahmanir-rahim! This story begins with the opening line of each of suras, like the book Death and the Dervish, and will tell you a tale of one of the most important books ever written in Bosnian. It is a confession of Meša Selimović, a writer from the city of Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina,…

The Dawns of Allah’s Mercy

By Lamija O Ramadan Don’t be in a rush to leave, for sins are heavy and hearts are ill Allow me to host you as you deserve. unknown Ehlen ve sehlen, ya sehri Ramadan are the words you can see on almost every mosque in Bosnia&Herzegovina when the month of Ramadan comes. Our most beloved…

Pakistan’s Untouchables: A Brief Overview of Caste in Pakistan

By Durkhanai This article serves as a very brief academic overview and summary of the narrative presented in “A Spiraling Staircase.” Like every country, there is clear distinction between rich and poor in Pakistan. These socioeconomic differences manifest in many different ways in Pakistan; the largest influencer of low socioeconomic status however, is definitely the…

A Spiraling Staircase: a narrative regarding caste in Pakistan

By Zainab Bhatti The ride to Sialkot, as a kid, appeared to be an endless journey. Cows littered the flat lands, peacefully grazing. Arduous workers bent over square rice fields. Herders shuffled their cattle along the edge of the path. Vibrant trucks decorated with art trekked by slowly, cars often speeding up to overtake them….

Moorish Feminine Poetry

By Soultana Imagine boundless dunes
 Piles of ebony sand 
 Under a glowing moon 
Illuminating the land

 From which tents arise Colorful, diverse in size
 People diverse in color
 All bound by family ties 

Watch the sand changing sheets
 To get covered in a golden veil 
As the sun rises to greet
 The squinting faces…

A Story of the Aladza

By Meša After long 27 years, one of the most interesting and unique mosques of Bosnia and Herzegovina will finally be revived. Turbulent historical story, architecture and Islamic art describe this sacral object of unutterable significance for every good person who values art, creativity and differences. This is a story of a mosque, people and…