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What is Futuwwa?

Futuwwa means chivalry or strength of character or this level of nobility that every Muslim should aspire to. It has been equated with brotherhood and freedom, virtue and youth. These qualities affirm something within ourselves that we should strive for – connectedness. Futuwwa is the bringing together of the youth, of those who aspire to…

Pakistan’s Untouchables: A Brief Overview of Caste in Pakistan

By Durkhanai This article serves as a very brief academic overview and summary of the narrative presented in “A Spiraling Staircase.” Like every country, there is clear distinction between rich and poor in Pakistan. These socioeconomic differences manifest in many different ways in Pakistan; the largest influencer of low socioeconomic status however, is definitely the…

A Spiraling Staircase: a narrative regarding caste in Pakistan

By Zainab Bhatti The ride to Sialkot, as a kid, appeared to be an endless journey. Cows littered the flat lands, peacefully grazing. Arduous workers bent over square rice fields. Herders shuffled their cattle along the edge of the path. Vibrant trucks decorated with art trekked by slowly, cars often speeding up to overtake them….

Moorish Feminine Poetry

By Soultana Imagine boundless dunes
 Piles of ebony sand 
 Under a glowing moon 
Illuminating the land

 From which tents arise Colorful, diverse in size
 People diverse in color
 All bound by family ties 

Watch the sand changing sheets
 To get covered in a golden veil 
As the sun rises to greet
 The squinting faces…

A Story of the Aladza

By Meša After long 27 years, one of the most interesting and unique mosques of Bosnia and Herzegovina will finally be revived. Turbulent historical story, architecture and Islamic art describe this sacral object of unutterable significance for every good person who values art, creativity and differences. This is a story of a mosque, people and…

Ferhadija Fairytale

By Lamija I raise this glorious Oratory in the name of AllahBenefactor Ferhad – Bey, the helper of the believersWith a thirsty sword he engraved in marble his heroic nameWith the war intake, that good man raised the endowment Sipahi, when arrived to the building, told it the chronogram: In the name of Allah, this…

Dastan e Gul: Lale

By Durkhanai This is the story of a Turkmen refugee who fled from Afghanistan to Pakistan’s Balochistan province during the 80s, in the peak of the Cold War. Balochistan houses many refugees from Afghanistan, who came in waves during the Afghanistan’s Civil War, and to the present day. Turkmen people are from Turkmenistan, which is…

Methods of Creating History: The Somali Oral Narrative Tradition

By Casho Whenever I brought up the subject of readable Somali history to my father, I was always met with a steady grumble. Books written about Somalia’s past, at least in my father’s eyes, could generally be placed in two categories: foreign undertakings penned by colonial agents and other European scholars, or biased historical accounts…

Albanians and Islam: An Introduction

By Jetim The iterations and contexts in which Islam is found around the world are countless. One such iteration that has not often captured the hegemonic eye is Islam in the Balkan Peninsula. Though this changed for a time in the wars emanating from the breakup of Yugoslavia, this region has usually remained under-represented and…

Islam on Edge: A Mosque in Batumi

By Yıldız’ın Kızı Merely miles from the Turkish border, a Muslim legacy of its own is living on, unaffected by our ignorance of it. The only mosque in town– the Batumi mosque– was situated on an unassuming cobbled street near Piazzia Square. The small, two-story structure seamlessly blended in with the walls; only the minaret gave…

Sarajevo: Where the East Meets the West

By Lamija Every story about Sarajevo is a story about love and romance, about sacrifice and sorrow, about heartache and despair, about anguish and joy, about loss and gain, about the past and the future. And who tells the stories better than the writers? Something that Bosnia and Herzegovina does not lack is writers.  In…